Sell on SmartWorld

Build your own store. Sell locally or nationally. Smart marketing.
Creating a store on SmartWorld is easy and fast.
Step 1: Sign up to become a Vendor. Step 2: Read our Terms and Conditions and the Guidelines. Step 3: Start building your store with our easy tools. Our step-by-step instructions walk you through the process. Load Images, descriptions, prices, shipping method and return policy. Step 4: Activate your store.
SmartWorld has created a “Shop Local” search engine.
If you only sell locally, (items such as livestock, produce, value-added products, cheese, craft beer, etc.) this is perfect for you. Anyone (customers) searching for local items need only put their zip code into the search bar along with the item they want, and products available within 50 miles will show on the site. We have a Local Pickup Only setting, a Free Local Delivery setting, a Flat Rate Delivery setting (with a delivery radius distance calculator) or USPS or FedEx delivery.
SmartWorld offers great marketing tools.
1) We have a Local Search Engine for customers to shop local. 2) We offer Vendors the ability to offer products on a subscription basis. 3) We offer customers an opportunity to ask questions to the Vendor about their products. 4) We have a “Favorites” system for the customer and the vendors that is a social tool. 5) Special offers and sales can be directed to prospective customers who have favorited an item. 6) We offer advanced SEO tools to make your products searchable.