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SmartWorld offers great marketing tools.

How it Works

How it works is very similar to Amazon or Etsy. You sign up, build a store and start selling.

It is free to sign up. If you sell a product, SmartWorld will charge a referral fee of only 6%. That's it. There are no listing fees or other fees. (Pay $98/year to cut that in half to 3%.) If you are an artist, sell your art. If you are a crafter, sell your crafts. If you collect minerals, sell them on SmartWorld. Do you make jewelry? Sell it through us. Have livestock? Sell it on SmartWorld. Are you a Farmer's Market vendor? Sell year-round. Make Electric cars? Solar panels? Wind generators? Sell them on SmartWorld. How about eco-shoes, clothing or furniture? This is the marketplace for you. We champion sustainable companies and their products.

Here is a link to the fees. We do have simple rules to follow to protect you and your customers. Please refer to our Vendor Policy and Vendor Assurance Policy for information about the responsibilities and benefits of being a SmartWorld vendor.

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Sign up to become a vendor. Read our Terms & Conditions and Guidelines.
SmartWorld offers great marketing tools.
Setup your store and add products.

Already filled out the Vendor Application? Check out our Vendor Guide to take the next step!

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