Become a Vendor

Before signing up to become a Vendor, please check our Guidelines to see if your products qualify. If you believe that they do, you may join with one of our plans described below.

We have two Plans from which to choose, the Free Plan and the 3% Plan. With the Free Plan, when you make a sale, a referral commission of 6% of the list price is paid to SmartWorld (SW). If you choose the 3% Plan, you pay $98 per year, (renewed automatically every year on the anniversary of your sign-up date unless you cancel) and you pay a 3% referral commission to SW of the list price when a sale is completed.

When an item is sold through your store, you are paid instantly via PayPal. (That is why you must have a PayPal account) You receive notification of the sale via email. You simply log in, click on the order and then click "Start Fulfillment". Next, click on "Print Packing Slip" and then "Print Shipping Label". Place the label on the package and ship it. Selling on SW is efficient and simple. If you have your own in-house shipping and choose to use your own label, we have a system for that too. Check out our shipping options HERE.

All shipping is through USPS or FedEx. The customer chooses their shipping method, we collect the shipping charges at check-out and pay them directly to the shipper.

To be a Vendor on SmartWorld, you are required to have a PayPal account. If you do not already have one, please start the process on PayPal's website.

The application form on the right side of this page allows you to choose the Vendor Plan that is right for you. You will see the radio button is set to FREE, but can be changed to the 7% Plan.

Free Plan 3% Plan
$0 / month $98 / year
6% Referral Commission to SW 3% Referral Commission to SW
Store with Unlimited Free Listings, Images and Videos
2.9% + $0.30 PayPal payment processing fee

SmartWorld offers the Store Setup Service to help those who are unfamiliar with using tools such as those you will see in your admin area after signing up. Some vendors may also decide that, in order to save time, it will be useful to take advantage of this service.

With the Store Setup Service, we will post your products, including images, descriptions, videos, refund policy, and so forth. This will enable you to have a fully operational store within days of signing up. You may sign up for this service when you fill out the application to the right. There is a drop-down that allows you to choose the service level based on the number of products to be placed in your store.

Store Setup Service
1-20 products 21-40 products 41-60 products 61-80 products 81-100 products 100+ products
$59 $69 $79 $89 $99 Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

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