What is SmartWorld?

SmartWorld is a marketplace, like Amazon or Etsy, featuring sustainable products. Individuals and businesses can set up a fully operational storefront on our platform to sell online. Products must meet standards of safety, sustainability and quality.

If you sell items that are non-toxic, join us. If you are an artist, sell your art. If you are a crafter, sell your crafts. If you collect minerals, sell them on SmartWorld. Do you make jewelry? Sell it through us. Have livestock? Sell it on SmartWorld. Are you a Farmer's Market vendor? Sell year-round. Make Electric cars? Solar panels? Wind generators? Sell them on SmartWorld. How about eco-shoes, clothing or furniture? This is the marketplace for you. For more information on becoming a Vendor, click here.

If products meet our guidelines, any person or company (including farmers market vendors) may create a free store on SW and sell 24/7, 365 days a year. A vendor may feature unlimited products, descriptions, images and videos, at no cost. We have a "Vendor Guide" which explains how to build a store, step-by-step. It's simple even if you only understand computer basics.

If companies sell items in any of the non-food categories, a full description must accompany the item to provide information about the non-toxic status of the product. Customers, once registered, may contact any seller using our "Ask a Question" feature on every product listing.

Our Customer

Our customers seek clean, safe, eco-friendly, renewable, sustainable, cruelty-free, up-cycled, organic, non-GMO, non-toxic items, in over 300 categories, certified, all in one place.

SmartWorld Advantage

SmartWorld delivers a unique shopping experience to people who seek safe products from conscientious manufacturers. Shoppers will find items in the categories of beauty, health, grocery, kids, pets, the house, eco-friendly, cool stuff and more.

Certification is currently done using 40 different Values. If you claim a Value Badge for your product, be ready to prove that your product has that attribute.

Customers can "Shop by Values" to find products that meet their personal needs such as Certified Organic, Cruelty-Free, Kosher, Fragrance-Free, Hormone-Free, etc.

Buy from family-owned, women-owned, veteran owned, Made in USA, and more.

Shop local – In addition to searching the entire site for products, one can shop local by simply typing in one’s zip code at the top of any page to find all products from businesses or Farmer's Market Vendors within 50 miles of that zip code.