The creation of GlutenShield® is the result of the personal experience that Steve and Sheridan Nice, co-founders of Shield Nutraceuticals, had with eating wheat. An honest quest for answers started with research into the sudden rise of gluten sensitivity and led to awareness of how dramatically certain foods can affect us.

Steve and Sheridan reached out for expert advice and found Dr. Audrey Depelteau, Director of the local university innovation lab. She in turn introduced them to a PhD, Nutritional Biochemist (Dr. Andy Clark) and a PhD, Dissolution Chemist (Dr. Chuck Collins) who eventually created GlutenShield®.

They spent two years developing a powerful and unique dietary supplement that addresses problems associated with digestion of Wheat Gluten, Gliadin, Casein, Dairy, Fiber, Carbohydrates, Fat and Protein. GlutenShield® is a proprietary blend of Enzymes, Prebiotics and Probiotics that work synergistically like no other product on the market.

GlutenShield® works.

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