John and Kassandra Barton

8 O'clock Ranch was named by us as newlyweds in 2001.

We usually rise way before the sun is up and get as much done before noon. 8 O'clock is our time for a cup of coffee and a midmorning snack - and by 8 at night we are snoozing!

Our two sons, Eathon and Cole are avid inventors, entrepreneurs and awesome kids! Many of the reasons behind why we went to a grass based, antibiotic & hormone free ranch was the health of not only us but now of our children. We wanted what was best for all, humans and animals!

Our ranch began with us buying a few sheep from a wonderful 'ole codger' of a neighbor who got us started with our first 12 head. We loved the graceful Suffolk with their black head and white bodies and have moved into a small and growing beef and pig herd as well as chickens - you know, just to round everything out...

We realized very early on in our ranching life that we could not justify sending our animals hundreds, if not thousands of miles to a feedlot or livestock sale. Instead our animals are born and raised here with their own mothers, allowed to graze, roam and live as they would do normally. Our pastures improve as the animals roam and they in turn enjoy the pasture's bounty.

This ranch has allowed us to become sustainable. If in the years to come our sons wish to take over, there will be a future here for them where they can grow there dreams. This ranch builds upon human interaction, trust and plenty of hard work! It would not be possible without our wonderful customers. We hope this website will be a way for all of you to "visit" us, share our day and enjoy a good meal.

Packages and Shipping for SmartWorld

The initial four packages which we have created exclusively for SmartWorld are selections of our finest beef and pork products. All packages are offered with free shipping. We go the extra mile to ensure that your selections arrive fresh and beautiful by using state-of-the-art, cold pack boxes. We hope you enjoy them in good health.

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